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What is Realm of Guardians?

Realm of Guardians is a online texted based game. Realm of Guardians was started by Kyle Dencker and Austin Otocki October of 2003. The game was started because of the closing of another game they played and they felt the void because of it.

Kyle then started work on a basic attack script which has not changed much to this very day. The first version of the game would not save however, you could attack six different monsters and equip two different weapons.

The next version of the game game out about a month later and the game was able to save. This is also when Realm of Guardians moved to their new home R-Guardians.com. With alot of newly formed bugs Kyle and Austin worked around the clock to make the game more enjoyable.

In Feb. 2004 a new project brought before the drawing table. Space Wars was a strategy game basied in space. This game project was ended shortly after a database crash later that month. The next few months were spent redoing most of Realm of Guardians core programs to fit the new and improved database.

In Aug. 2004, The Space Wars game was reopened. Work went very quickly on this game and Oct 2004 it was released under the name of Galactic Guardians.

A few days later the domain name expired and R-Guardians.com would be lost forever. However, on Dec 1st Realm of Guardians came back strong. Under a new banner, RGuardians.com.

The next few months after this a new programmer desided to join the team. However, he did not prove to be useful and Kyle decided to follow the new look and feel of Realm of Guardians.

That was flop. The New Realm of Guardians never had the amount of people playing it as the older one. Therefore, in July of 2006, Kyle and Austin decided that it would be better to bring back the old Realm of Guardians and update it from there.

Now there are many new features in the game such as PvP attacking, The battlegrounds with 50 monsters, random monsters across the map, thousands of items, hundreds of moves, and a new adventure and storyline that all versions that Realm of Guardians lacked. So this version I can't wait to see what happens next!

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